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3 reviews for Cook Book – Paperback

  1. Pat/Bruce Tilbrook

    Yesterday as I sat beside my trailer reading Randy’s book I enjoyed the peace and quiet of this wonderful place. Although I have limited knowledge of how to write a book I do know that the best books I can read cause me to laugh and cry and Randy’s literary skills and history did both of those. I am so happy to have access to some history that has connected my husband and myself to the lodge for years- both as a ranch guesthouse and as the present lodge. It is Bruce’s dream spot being no more than 15 minutes away from several fly fishing areas that he loves to frequent. ….and to have access to some of your wonderful recipes— wow!! It’s a great book ,Randy, and shows the fruits of your endeavour. All the best in your future writings.

  2. David

    I loved the format of the book – the way the stories and recipes were arranged really flowed nicely.

    I teared up a couple times and there were many times that I chuckled while reading the book. When I finished reading it, I couldn’t wait to go for another visit to the Lazy M.

    I’ve already wowed friends and family with one of the recipes from the book too!

  3. Doug

    Such an intriguing blend of cookbook, autobiography, and novel. Easy and delicious good old fashioned cooking that’s outstanding for large groups or a romantic meal with a loved one.
    Nuggets of wisdom for life pepper this book from the ordinary and extraordinary life of Randy McGhee.

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